October 28, 2008

Virgo Goddesses

These female gods are the main focus of a segment I worked on for a stick puppet show, created in After Effects. I'm going to attempt to get a clip or two up as soon as I'm up to snuff with all this video encoding/compression business.


  1. These're great!

    What happened with that sale you guys were going to do with these pieces? I'm seriously into getting a 3 character set up. Cheapo frame, raised off a colour card? What would that run me?

    Seriously mate, I love these.

  2. Get in line bub! We don't have enough artwork to keep up with the demand!

    Ha ha, actually some of this stuff looks better on the computer screen than in the flesh if you ask me. I wouldn't feel comfortable selling them to another artist I consider miles above me...

    ...but thanks for the complement!